Inconel 601 alloy steel

Inconel 601 is a nickel-chromium alloy used for applications that require resistance to corrosion and heat. This nickel alloy stands out due to its resistance to high temperature oxidation, remaining highly resistant to oxidation through 2200° F. Alloy 601 develops a tightly adherent oxide scale which resists spalling even under conditions of severe thermal cycling.
Inconel 601 alloy similar material are: UNS N06601, W.Nr.2.4851, NiCr23Fe, Alloy 601

Inconel 601 alloy steel
Inconel 601 Nickel alloy steel Chemical Composition %

Ni Cr Al C Mn Si Fe
61.5 22.5 1.4 0.05 0.3 0.2 14


Kovar Nickel alloy steel

Kovar alloy is a vacuum melted, iron-nickel-cobalt, low expansion alloy whose chemical composition is controlled within narrow limits to assure precise uniform thermal expansion properties. Extensive quality controls are employed in the manufacture of this alloy to ensure uniform physical and mechanical properties for ease in deep drawing, stamping and machining.
Kovar Nickel alloy similar material are:UNS K94610
Kovar Nickel alloy usually used in the following industries :
Kovar alloy has been used for making hermetic seals with the harder Pyrex glasses and ceramic materials.
Kovar Nickel alloy steel has found wide application in power tubes, microwave tubes, transistors and diodes. In intergrated circuits, it has been used for the flat pack and the dual-in-line package.

Kovar Nickel alloy steel
Kovar Nickel alloy steel chemical composition :

C Mn Co Ni Si
Max Max Max Max Max
0.02 0.30 17.0 29.0 0.20

Kovar Nickel alloy steel Mechanical Property:

% Elongation
in 2″
Rockwell B
ksi MPa ksi MPa
50 345 75 517 30 68

The principal precaution to observe in forging is to heat quickly and avoid soaking in the furnace. Long soaking may result in a checked surface due to absorption of sulfur from the furnace atmosphere and/or oxide penetration. A forging temperature of 2000/2150°F is preferred.
Typical Mechanical Properties
Typical Mechanical Properties of Strip
Tested parallel to the direction of rolling. Material annealed 1830°F for 30 minutes, then furnaced cooled.
Kovar Product form and Specifications:

Sheet/Plate/Bar AMS5894
International Werkstoff Nr.1.3981/DIN 17745/AFNOR NF A 54-301/S.E.W.385


718HH pre-hardened plastic mold steel

718HH die steel production since both maintain a high quality, low sulfur levels have been thermally pre-hardened to 36-40HRC its factory
718HH die steel vacuum melting of chromium – nickel – molybdenum alloy steel, hardened and tempered after the factory prior to treatment, with the following advantages:
1, no quenching crack and heat deformation risk
2, no heat treatment costs
3, shorten molding cycle
4, lower the cost of mold making (for example, no distortion correction)
5, the mold is easy to modify
6, can be subjected to nitriding and flame hardening treatment to enhance the mold surface hardness and wear resistance.

718HH pre-hardened plastic mold steel
718HH Mold steel Chemaical composition :

C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo S
0.37 0.3 1.4 2.0 1.0 0.2 0.008

718HH die steel plate features:
1, excellent polishing and photo-etching properties
2, good processing properties
3, high purity and excellent uniformity
4, wear better and longer tool life
718HH die steel use:
1 . A large long-life plastic injection mold, such as home appliances, computer casings, such as mold
2, high surface finish of the plastic mold
3, blow molding
4, due to the high hardness, can be used to mold the plastic sliders
5, forming tools, Compression – Brake mode (bending machine model), (depending on production needs to be applied flame hardening or nitriding)
Factory state: hardened and tempered to hardness of about 330-370HB

40CrMnMo steel

40CrMnMo, is an alloy structural steel grades of Chinese national standard. Unified Digital Code: A34402.

40CrMnMo steel
40CrMnMo steel Chemical composition

C Si Mn Cr Mo
0.37~0.45 0.17~0.37 0.90~1.20 0.60~1.20 0.20~0.30

40CrMnMo steel Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength (≥b / MPa): ≥980
Yield point (≥s / MPa): ≥785
Elongation (δ5 /%): ≥10
Section shrinkage (ψ /%): ≥45
Impact energy (Aku2 / J): ≥63
Brinell hardness (HBS100 / 3000) (annealing or tempering state): ≤217
40CrNiMo steel heat
Quenching temperature (℃): 850; coolant: Oil tempering heating temperature (℃): 600; coolant: water, oil
Microstructure: Tempered sorbite.
Delivery status: to heat treatment (normalizing, annealing or tempering) or without heat treatment delivery, the delivery status should be specified in the contract
40CrMnMo alloy steel feature
After quenching with good mechanical properties, good hardenability, high tempering stability. Mostly used in the quenched and tempered condition.
40CrMnMo steel application
Commonly used in the manufacture of heavy-duty, large cross-section of the gear shafts, gears, large truck axle rear axle shaft, eccentric shaft, connecting rod, similar to the turbine parts, but also to use instead 40CrNiMo

30CrMnSi steel

30CrMnSi is a Chinese national standard alloy structural steel, unified digital code: A24302

30CrMnSi steel
30CrMnSi steel chemical composition

C Si Mn Cr
0.27~0.34 0.90~1.20 0.80~1.10 0.80~1.10

30CrMnSi steel Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength ( σ b / MPa): ≥1100
Yield point (σ s / MPa): ≥800
Elongation ( δ 5 /%): ≥10
Section shrinkage (ψ /%): ≥45
Impact energy (Aku2 / J): ≥50
Brinell hardness (HBS100 / 3000) (annealing or tempering state): ≤229
30CrMnSi steel heat
Quenching temperature ( ℃ ): 880; coolant: Oil
Tempering heating temperature ( ℃ ): 520; coolant: water, oil
30CrMnSi steel main features
High strength quenched and tempered steel. Has high strength and toughness, high hardenability, cold plastic deformation moderate, good cutting performance. There is a tendency to temper brittleness, poor lateral impact toughness. Better welding performance, but the thickness is greater than 3mm, should be preheated to 150 ℃, after welding to be heat treated. After the general tone quality to use.
30CrMnSi steel application :
Used for the manufacture of high load, high speed of a variety of important parts such as gears, shafts, clutches, sprockets, wheel shafts, bushings, bolts, nuts, etc., are also used in the manufacture wear, working temperature is not high parts, variable load welding components, such as high pressure blower blades, valve plate and non-corrosive pipe tubes.


20CrMnTi is hardened steel, hardened steel is usually a carbon content of 0.17% -0.24% of mild steel. Multi-car manufacturing gear, is the hardenability carburizing steel Cr Mn Ti steel, high hardenability, hardenability in ensuring the situation, especially those with higher low temperature impact toughness.

20CrMnTi monel alloy steel plate material
20CrMnTi steel Chemical composition :

C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Cu Ti
0.17~0.23 0.17~0.37 0.80~1.10 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 1.00~1.30 ≤0.030 ≤0.030 0.04~0.10

20CrMnTi steel Mechanical Properties :
Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥1080 (110)
Yield strength σs (MPa): ≥835 (85)
Elongation δ 5 (%): ≥10
Section shrinkage ψ (%): ≥45
Impact energy Akv (J): ≥55
Impact toughness αkv (J / cm2): ≥69
Hardness: ≤217HB
Sample size: Sample size is 15mm rough
20CrMnTi alloy steel  heat treatment and microstructure specifications:
Quenching: the first 880 ℃, the second 870 ℃, oil cooling; tempering 200 ℃, water cooling, air cooling.
20CrMnTi Delivery status:
To heat treatment (normalizing, annealing, or tempering) or without heat treatment delivery, the delivery status should be specified in the contract.
20CrMnTi Features and Scope:
Good performance is hardened steel, high hardenability, after carburizing is hard and wear-resistant surface and tough core part, with a high temperature impact toughness and weldability medium, after normalizing machinability good. For the manufacture of cross-section < 30mm to withstand high-speed, medium or heavy load, impact and friction of the important parts, such as gears, ring gear, the gear shaft crosshead.

9Cr18 high-chromium steel

Standard :GB/T 1220-1992
9Cr18 high-chromium steel is high carbon martensitic stainless steel, after quenching with high hardness, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The steel suitable for manufacturing withstand high wear resistance, high load and plastic mold in corrosive role of the media. The steel is Levin’s steel body, easy to form uneven carbide segregation affect the die life.
9cr18 steel Chemical composition :

9Cr18 high-chromium steel

C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Mo
0.90~1.00 ≤0.80 ≤0.80 ≤0.030 ≤0.035 17.00~19.00 ≤0.60 ≤0.75

9cr18 alloy steel Mechanical Properties :

Hardness: annealing, ≤255HB; quenching and tempering, ≥55HV

Heat treatment and microstructure:
1) annealing, 800 ~ 920 ℃ slow cooling;
2) quenching, 1000 ~ 1050 ℃ oil cooling;
3) Tempering, 200 ~ 300 ℃ oil, air cooling.
Microstructure: Organizing for the martensite type.
Delivery status: generally heat treatment delivery, the treatment types specified in the contract; not indicated, by not heat treatment delivery
9cr18 Features and Scope:
Stainless steel cutting tools used for slicing and shearing machine tools, surgical blades, high wear equipment parts.

Inconel 600 alloy steel

Alloy 600 is a nickel – chromium – iron-based solid solution strengthened alloy, has good high temperature corrosion and oxidation resistance, excellent hot and cold processing and welding performance, in the following 700 ℃ have a satisfactory heat resistance and high plasticity. Alloys can be strengthened by cold working, it can also be used for resistance welding, welding or brazing connections.

Inconel 600 alloy steel

Chemical composition of Inconel 600

Grades C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Cu Fe
Inconel 600 ≤0.15 ≤1.00 ≤0.50 ≤0.030 ≤0.015 14-17 71-78 ≤0.50 6.0-10.0

Performance of Inconel 600 alloy steel

Density[g/cm3] Melting point[℃] tensile strength[Rm N/mm2] Yield Strength[RP0.2N/mm2] Elongation[A5%]
8.4 1370-1425 550 240 30

Different standard grades of Inconel 600

Inconel 600 NS3102 N06600 W.Nr.2.4816


NC15Fe NA14

Monel 405 alloy steel

Monel 405 steel material is the free machining version of Monel 405. It is a nickel-copper alloy with a controlled amount of sulfur added to provide sulfide inclusions that act as chip breakers during machining. Like Monel 405, alloy Monel 405 is resistant to sea water and steam at high temperatures as well as to salt and caustic solutions. Monel 405 is a solid solution alloy that can only be hardened by cold working. This nickel alloy exhibits characteristics like good corrosion-resistance, good weldability and high strength. A low corrosion rate in rapidly flowing brackish or seawater combined with excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in most freshwaters, and its resistance to a variety of corrosive conditions led to its wide use in marine applications and other non-oxidizing chloride solutions. This nickel steel alloy is particularly resistant to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acidswhenthey are de-aerated. As would be expected from its high copper content, alloy Monel 405 is rapidly attacked by nitric acid and ammonia systems.
Monel 405 Nickel alloy usually used in the following industries :UNS N04405
Monel 405 is chiefly used for automatic-screw-machine stock and it not generally recommended for other applications. Screw machine stock for fasteners and similar high production run items.
Meter and valve parts
Screw machine products

Monel 405 alloy steel

Chemical Composition, % of Monel 405 Nickel base alloy

Ni Cu Fe S Mn C Si
63.0 min 28.0-34.0 2.5 max 0.025-0.060 2.0 max 0.3 max 0.5 max

Mechanical Properties of Monel 405 Nickel base alloy

Condition Tensile (ksi) .2% Yield (ksi) Elongation % Hardness Brinell (3000 kg) Hardness Rockwell B
Annealed 70-85 25-40 50-35 110-140 60-76
Hot-Finished 75-90 35-60 45-30 130-170 72-86
Cold-Drawn, As-Drawn 85-115 50-105 35-15 160-245 85-23C

Monel 405 Nickel base alloy characteristics :
Characteristics are essentially the same as those of Monel 400 such as:
Good machinability and is recommended for use with automatic screw machines
Resistant to seawater and steam at high temperatures
Excellent resistance to rapidly flowing brackish water or seawater
Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in most freshwaters
Particularly resistant to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids when they are de-aerated
Offers some resistance to hydrochloric and sulfuric acids a modest temperatures and concentrations, but is seldom the material of choice for these acids
Excellent resistance to neutral and alkaline salt
Resistance to chloride induced stress corrosion cracking
High resistance to alkalis

Monel K-500 Nickel alloy

Monel K500 is a precipitation-hardenable nickel-copper alloy that combines the excellent corrosion resistance characteristic of Monel K500 with the added advantage of greater strength and hardness. These amplified properties, strength and hardness, are obtained by adding aluminum and titanium to the nickel-copper base and by a thermal processing used to effect precipitation, typically called age hardening or aging. When in the age-hardened condition, Monel K-500 has a greater tendency toward stress-corrosion cracking in some environments than Monel 400. Monel K-500 has approximately three times the yield strength and double the tensile strength when compared with Monel 400. Plus, it can be further strengthened by cold working prior to precipitation hardening. The strength of this nickel steel alloy is maintained to 1200°F but stays ductile and tough down to temperatures of 400° F. Its melting range is 2400-2460°F.
Monel K500 Nickel alloy similar material are : UNS N05500,Alloy K500
Monel K-500 Nickel alloy usually used in the following industries :
Sour-gas service applications
Oil and gas production safety lifts and valves
Oil-well tools and instruments like drill collars
Oil well industry
Doctor blades and scrapers
Chains, cables, springs, valve trim, fasteners for marine service
Pump shafts and impellers in marine service

Monel K-500 Nickel alloy
Chemical Composition, % of Monel K-500 Nickel alloy

Ni Cu Al Ti C Mn Fe S Si
63.0-70.0 Remainder 2.30-3.15 0.35-0.85 0.25 max 1.5 max 2.0 max 0.01 max 0.50 max

Mechanical Properties of Monel K-500

Product Form Condition Tensile (ksi) .2%Yield (ksi) Elongation % Hardness
Rod & Bar Hot-Finished/Aged 140-190 100-150 30-20 27-38HRC
Rod & Bar Hot Finished/Annealed 90-110 40-60 45-25 75-90 HRB
Rod & Bar Hot Finished/Annealed/Aged 130-165 85-120 35-20 24-35 HRC
Rod & Bar Cold-Drawn/Aged 135-185 95-160 30-15 25-41 HRC
Rod & Bar Cold-Drawn/Annealed/Aged 130-190 85-120 30-20 24-35 HRC
Plate Hot-Finished/Aged 140-180 100-135 30-20 27-37 HRC
Sheet Cold-Rolled/Annealed 90-105 40-65 45-25 85 HRB Ma

Monel K500 Product form and Specifications:

Bar Rod
AMS 4676 AMS 4676