Hastelloy C22 alloy steel

Hastelloy C22 alloy is a nickel chromium molybdenum tungsten alloy Almighty, better than other existing nickel chromium molybdenum alloy with the overall corrosion resistance performance, including Hastelloy C276, C4 alloy and 625 alloy. Hastelloy C22 alloy has good resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking ability. It has excellent antioxidant ability of water medium, including wet chlorine, nitric acid or mixed acid oxidation of acid containing chloride ion. At the same time, the capacity of Hastelloy C22 alloy also ideal resistance during the reductive and oxidative environment. Depending on the performance of this universal, it can be used in some of the headaches in the environment, or use in a wide variety of purposes of production in the factory. Hastelloy C22 alloy with abnormal resistance to various chemical environments, including strong oxidizing substances, such as ferric chloride, copper chloride, chlorine, thermal pollution solution (organic and inorganic), formic acid, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, sea water and salt solution. Hastelloy C22 alloy has the ability to resist the grain boundary precipitation formation in the welding heat affected zone, so that it can adapt to the application of many kinds of chemical process in the welding condition.
Hastelloy C 22 Nickel alloy similar material is : UNS N06022, W.Nr.2.4602, NS3308
Hastelloy C 22 Nickel alloy application :
Hastelloy C22 alloy has been widely used in the field of chemical and petrochemical, such as element application chloride containing organic matter in contact and catalytic system. This material is particularly suitable for high temperature, mixed with inorganic acid and organic acid impurities (such as formic acid and acetic acid), the use of seawater corrosion environment.

Hastelloy C22 alloy steel
Hastelloy C 22 Nickel base alloy chemical composition :

Hastelloy C22 Ni Cr Mo Te W Co C Mn Si V P S
Mix Remaining 20.0 12.5 2 2.5
Max 22.5 14.5 6 3.5 2.5 0.015 0.5 0.08 0.35 0.02 0.02

Hastelloy C 22 Nickel base alloy Mechanical Property:

Material Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation

A5 %

Hastelloy C22 690 MPa 283 MPa 40

Hastelloy C – 22 alloy steel Density: 8.69 g/cm3
Hastelloy C – 22 alloy steel melting point: 1357-1399 degree
Hastelloy C – 22 Elastic modulus: N/thermal conductivity was 205.5:11.1 W/m K
Hastelloy C – 22 Hardness: HRC93 thermal expansion coefficient (20-100 degree) : 112.6 mu m/m degree
Hastelloy C – 22 Working temperature of about quantity: 200 to + 400 degree
Hastelloy C 22 Product form and Specifications:

Alloy Sheet/Plate/Strip/Coil B575 SB575
Seamless alloy tube/Pipe B622 SB622
Welded alloy tube/pipe B619/B622 SB619/SB622
Ring/Bar/Rod B574 SB574
Forged product B564 SB564
Fittings/Flange B336 SB336

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