25Cr2MoVA steel

25Cr2MoVA steel

Standard: GB / T3077-1999
25Cr2MoVA alloy steel chemical composition

C Si Mn Cr Mo V
0.22~0.29 0.17~0.37 0.40~0.70 1.50~1.80 0.25~0.35 0.15~0.30

25Cr2MoVA steel plate mechanical properties
Tensile strength (σ b / MPa): ≧ 930
Yield point (σ s / MPa): ≧ 785
Elongation (δ 5 /%): ≧ 14
Section shrinkage (ψ /%): ≧ 55
Impact energy (Aku2 / J): ≧ 63 Brinell hardness HBS100 / 3000) (annealing or tempering state): ≦ 241
25Cr2MoVA high strength and toughness. Below 500 ℃, good high temperature performance, no hot crisp tendency hardenability better machinability can still moderate cold plastic deformation, poor welding. Generally in the quenched state, can also be in use after normalizing and tempering.
25Cr2MoVA application
For nuts manufactured under high temperature conditions (less than or equal to 550 ℃), bolts, studs (less than 530 ℃), long-term working temperature fasteners to 510 ℃, the overall turbine rotor, the sleeve, the main steam valve, control valve but also as nitriding steel for the production of stem, and other gear.

20CrNi3 steel

20CrNi3, is an alloy structural steel grades of Chinese national standard. Unified Digital Code: A42202.

20CrNi3 steel
20CrNi3 steel Chemical composition

C Si Mn Cr Ni
0.17~0.24 0.17~0.37 0.30~0.60 0.60·0.90 2.75~3.15

20CrNi3 mechanical properties
Tensile strength (≥b / MPa): ≧ 930
Yield point (≥s / MPa): ≧ 735
Elongation (δ5 /%): ≧ 11
Section shrinkage (ψ /%): ≧ 55
Impact energy (Aku2 / J): ≧ 78
Brinell hardness (HBS100 / 3000) (annealing or tempering state): ≦ 241
20CrNi3 steel feature
fter quenching or quenching and tempering has good mechanical properties, good low-temperature impact toughness. This steel has white spots sensitive tendencies, tempering have tendency to temper brittleness. Quenched to martensite hardness and a half, when oil quenching can hardenability Φ50 ~ 70mm. Good machinability, weldability medium.
20CrNi3m steel material application :
20CrNi3m steel Used for the manufacture of high load conditions under working gears, shafts, worm and screws, studs, pins, etc.


20CrMnTi is hardened steel, hardened steel is usually a carbon content of 0.17% -0.24% of mild steel. Multi-car manufacturing gear, is the hardenability carburizing steel Cr Mn Ti steel, high hardenability, hardenability in ensuring the situation, especially those with higher low temperature impact toughness.

20CrMnTi monel alloy steel plate material
20CrMnTi steel Chemical composition :

C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Cu Ti
0.17~0.23 0.17~0.37 0.80~1.10 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 1.00~1.30 ≤0.030 ≤0.030 0.04~0.10

20CrMnTi steel Mechanical Properties :
Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥1080 (110)
Yield strength σs (MPa): ≥835 (85)
Elongation δ 5 (%): ≥10
Section shrinkage ψ (%): ≥45
Impact energy Akv (J): ≥55
Impact toughness αkv (J / cm2): ≥69
Hardness: ≤217HB
Sample size: Sample size is 15mm rough
20CrMnTi alloy steel  heat treatment and microstructure specifications:
Quenching: the first 880 ℃, the second 870 ℃, oil cooling; tempering 200 ℃, water cooling, air cooling.
20CrMnTi Delivery status:
To heat treatment (normalizing, annealing, or tempering) or without heat treatment delivery, the delivery status should be specified in the contract.
20CrMnTi Features and Scope:
Good performance is hardened steel, high hardenability, after carburizing is hard and wear-resistant surface and tough core part, with a high temperature impact toughness and weldability medium, after normalizing machinability good. For the manufacture of cross-section < 30mm to withstand high-speed, medium or heavy load, impact and friction of the important parts, such as gears, ring gear, the gear shaft crosshead.

12Cr2Ni4 steel

Product : 12Cr2Ni4 nickel steel
Standard:GB/T 3077-1988

12Cr2Ni4 steel
12Cr2Ni4 steel Chemical composition :

C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Cu
0.10~0.16 0.17~0.37 0.30~0.60 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 1.25~1.65 3.25~3.65 ≤0.030

12Cr2Ni4 steel mechanical properties:
Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥1080 (110)
Yield strength σs (MPa): ≥835 (85)
Elongation δ5 (%): ≥10
Section shrinkage ψ (%): ≥50
Impact energy Akv (J): ≥71
Impact toughness αkv (J / cm & amp; sup2;): ≥88 (9)
Hardness: ≤269HB
Heat treatment and microstructure specifications:
Heat treatment specifications: quenching: the first 860 ℃, the second 780 ℃, oil cooling; tempering 200 ℃, water cooling, air cooling.
12Cr2Ni4 steel features:
High strength, good toughness, good hardenability after carburizing surface layer hardness and wear resistance are good, good cold plastic deformation when cutting is still good, but there are white spots sensitivity and temper brittleness, poor welding .
12Cr2Ni4 monel steel application :
12Cr2Ni for high-load, under variable stress work pay large carburized parts, such as by a variety of high-load gear, worm, worm shaft and other mechanical

9Cr18 high-chromium steel

Standard :GB/T 1220-1992
9Cr18 high-chromium steel is high carbon martensitic stainless steel, after quenching with high hardness, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The steel suitable for manufacturing withstand high wear resistance, high load and plastic mold in corrosive role of the media. The steel is Levin’s steel body, easy to form uneven carbide segregation affect the die life.
9cr18 steel Chemical composition :

9Cr18 high-chromium steel

C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Mo
0.90~1.00 ≤0.80 ≤0.80 ≤0.030 ≤0.035 17.00~19.00 ≤0.60 ≤0.75

9cr18 alloy steel Mechanical Properties :

Hardness: annealing, ≤255HB; quenching and tempering, ≥55HV

Heat treatment and microstructure:
1) annealing, 800 ~ 920 ℃ slow cooling;
2) quenching, 1000 ~ 1050 ℃ oil cooling;
3) Tempering, 200 ~ 300 ℃ oil, air cooling.
Microstructure: Organizing for the martensite type.
Delivery status: generally heat treatment delivery, the treatment types specified in the contract; not indicated, by not heat treatment delivery
9cr18 Features and Scope:
Stainless steel cutting tools used for slicing and shearing machine tools, surgical blades, high wear equipment parts.

9CrSi steel

Standard :GB/T 1299-1985

9CrSi steel
9CrSi steel Chemical composition :

C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Cu
0.85~0.95 1.20~1.60 0.30~0.60 ≤0.030 ≤0.030 0.95~1.25 ≤0.25 ≤0.30

9CrSi steel Mechanical properties
Hardness: annealing, 241 ~ 197HB, indentation diameter 3.9 ~ 4.3mm; 187 ~ 229HB (manufacturing thread tools); quenching, ≥62HRC
9CrSi steel heat
Heat Treatment Specification: Sample quenching 820 ~ 860 ℃, oil cooling.
9CrSi monel steel characteristics and use :
Measuring and cutting steel, is a common low-alloy tool steel, with high hardenability and hardening, as well as higher tempering stability. Can be used in the manufacture of complex shape, deformation, high abrasion resistance, low-speed cutting tools, such as drills, thread tools, reamers, dies, taps, thread rolling board and rolling wheels.

Inconel 718 alloy steel

Inconel 718 alloy steel is a precipitation hardening nickel-based high temperature high-strength alloy
Inconel 718 has a temperature range of -253 ~ 700 ℃ good overall performance, the yield strength of 650 ℃ or less in the first place wrought superalloy, and has a good anti-fatigue, anti-radiation, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, and good workability, weldability and long-term organizational stability, capable of producing complex parts of various shapes in space, nuclear energy, oil industry, in the above temperature range obtained a very wide range of applications.
Another characteristic of the alloy is an alloy of tissue is particularly sensitive to thermal processing, master alloy phase precipitation and dissolution of the relationship between law and technology organization, performance, and between, for different application requirements to develop a reasonable and feasible process of order, It can get to meet the different intensity levels and use requirements of the various parts.

Inconel 718 alloy steel

Chemical composition of Inconel 718

Grades C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Cu Ti Al
Inconel 718 ≤0.08 ≤0.35 ≤0.015 ≤0.035 ≤0.015 17-21 50-55 ≤0.3 0.65-1.15 0.2-0.8

Performance of Inconel 718 alloy steel

Density[g/cm3] Melting point[℃] tensile strength[Rm N/mm2] Yield Strength[RP0.2N/mm2] Elongation[A5%] Hardness[HB]
8.2 1260-1340 965 550 30 ≤363

Different standard grades of Inconel X-750

Inconel 718 GH4169 N07718 W.Nr.2.4668 NiCr19Fe19Nb5Mo3 NC19FeNb NA 51

Inconel 600 alloy steel

Alloy 600 is a nickel – chromium – iron-based solid solution strengthened alloy, has good high temperature corrosion and oxidation resistance, excellent hot and cold processing and welding performance, in the following 700 ℃ have a satisfactory heat resistance and high plasticity. Alloys can be strengthened by cold working, it can also be used for resistance welding, welding or brazing connections.

Inconel 600 alloy steel

Chemical composition of Inconel 600

Grades C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Cu Fe
Inconel 600 ≤0.15 ≤1.00 ≤0.50 ≤0.030 ≤0.015 14-17 71-78 ≤0.50 6.0-10.0

Performance of Inconel 600 alloy steel

Density[g/cm3] Melting point[℃] tensile strength[Rm N/mm2] Yield Strength[RP0.2N/mm2] Elongation[A5%]
8.4 1370-1425 550 240 30

Different standard grades of Inconel 600

Inconel 600 NS3102 N06600 W.Nr.2.4816


NC15Fe NA14

Inconel X-750

Grede: Inconel X-750
Type: alloy steel
Standard : GB
Steel Plate Thickness: 2-460mm , Steel Plate Width: 1500-3200mm, Length:6000-12000mm
Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland)
Brand Name: SDJS

Inconel X-750
Inconel X-750 is the aging strengthening high temperature, corrosion-resistant nickel-chromium alloy
In the following 980 ℃ with good resistance to corrosion and oxidation resistance below 800 ℃ with high strength, less 540 ℃ has good resistance to relaxation properties, but also has good formability and weldability, have at low temperatures excellent mechanical properties.

Inconel X-750 alloy steel
Chemical composition of Inconel X-750

Grades C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Cu Ti Al Fe
Inconel X-750 ≤0.08 ≤1 ≤0.01 ≤0.5 ≤0.02 14-17 ≥70 ≤0.5 2.25-2.75 0.4-1 5-9

Performance of Inconel X-750 alloy steel

tensile strength[Rm N/mm2] Yield Strength[RP0.2N/mm2] Elongation[A5%] Hardness[HB]
1267 868 25 ≤400

Different standard grades of Inconel X-750

Inconel X-750 GH4145 N07750 W.Nr.2.4669 NiCr15Fe7TiA NC15TNbA

Inconel 690

Inconel 690 alloy steel is on the base is of Inconel 600 alloy, the chromium content increased to 30%, a new type of evaporator carbon content below 0.04% and the development of nickel base corrosion resistant alloy. It not only has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking ability, but also has high strength, good stability and excellent metallurgical processing capability. Characteristics, has been widely used in PWR nuclear power plant on the evaporator tube.
Inconel 690 alloy similar material are:UNS N06690
Inconel 690 alloy chief application:
Inconel 690 alloy is mainly used for the material of nuclear power plant steam generator tubes in pressurized water reactor.

Inconel 690 alloy steel

Chemical Composition, % of Inconel 690 alloy steel

Ni Cr Fe C Al Ti Mn Si Cu P S
Balance 30.39 8.88 0.023 0.22 0.26 0.23 0.07 0.02 0.006 0.002

Inconel 690 alloy steel physical property:

Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation
350MPa 700MPa 45%

Inconel 690 alloy mechanical property:
Inconel 690 density : 8.19g/cm
Inconel 690 melting point: 1343-1377 degree
Inconel 690 alloy steel Existence of main products:
Forging, bar, sheet, strip, ring, wire, bolts, spring
Inconel 690 alloy steel Mechanical Properties:
Inconel 690 has high strength over a broad range of temperatures. Mechanical properties of the alloy vary with product form and temper. Alloy 690 is normally used in the annealed temper, and strength characteristics described below are representative of annealed material. The usual annealing temperature is approximately 1900°F (1040°C).
Inconel 601 Product form and Specifications:

Pipe Seamless B167 SB167
Tube Seamless B167 SB167
Sheet/Plate B168 SB168
Ring/Bar/Rod B166 SB166
Fitting B366 SB366