Jethete M152 Nickel alloy steel

Jethete M152 consists of nickel,iron, titanium,and chromium. Jethete M152 is not stainless,therefore,it will acquire a red-brown oxide film when exposed to outdoor environments.
Jethete M152 Nickel alloy similar material are :UNS S64152
This grade is a high strength Alloy Steel has very good toughness and creep rupture strength. Excellent for use in highly stressed turbine blades as well as turbine discs, screws, shafts, bolts, pins and rings.

Jethete M152 Nickel alloy steel
Jethete M152 chemical composition :

C Cr Si Ni V Mn S Mo N Fe
Min 0.08 11.00 2.00 0.25 0.50 1.50 0.01
Max 0.15 12.50 0.20 3.00 0.40 0.90 0.013 2.00 0.05 Bal

Jethete M152 Mechanical Property:

Tensile Strength, N/mm21 Yield Strength 0.2%, N/mm2 Elongation % Reduction of Area % Impact Strength KCU, J/CM2
1150 800 14 120

Jethete M152 Product form and Specifications:

Product Specifications
Alloy Sheet/Plate/Strip/Coil AMS5719, ASTM A565 (XM-32), S151, MSRR6503, 1.4933, Z15CNDV-12, S159, S538


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