Inconel 718 alloy steel

Inconel 718 alloy steel is a precipitation hardening nickel-based high temperature high-strength alloy
Inconel 718 has a temperature range of -253 ~ 700 ℃ good overall performance, the yield strength of 650 ℃ or less in the first place wrought superalloy, and has a good anti-fatigue, anti-radiation, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, and good workability, weldability and long-term organizational stability, capable of producing complex parts of various shapes in space, nuclear energy, oil industry, in the above temperature range obtained a very wide range of applications.
Another characteristic of the alloy is an alloy of tissue is particularly sensitive to thermal processing, master alloy phase precipitation and dissolution of the relationship between law and technology organization, performance, and between, for different application requirements to develop a reasonable and feasible process of order, It can get to meet the different intensity levels and use requirements of the various parts.

Inconel 718 alloy steel

Chemical composition of Inconel 718

Grades C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Cu Ti Al
Inconel 718 ≤0.08 ≤0.35 ≤0.015 ≤0.035 ≤0.015 17-21 50-55 ≤0.3 0.65-1.15 0.2-0.8

Performance of Inconel 718 alloy steel

Density[g/cm3] Melting point[℃] tensile strength[Rm N/mm2] Yield Strength[RP0.2N/mm2] Elongation[A5%] Hardness[HB]
8.2 1260-1340 965 550 30 ≤363

Different standard grades of Inconel X-750

Inconel 718 GH4169 N07718 W.Nr.2.4668 NiCr19Fe19Nb5Mo3 NC19FeNb NA 51


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