Inconel 690 alloy steel

Inconel 690 alloy is on the base is of Inconel 600 alloy, the chromium content increased to 30%, a new type of evaporator carbon content below 0.04% and the development of nickel base corrosion resistant alloy. It not only has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking ability, but also has high strength, good stability and excellent metallurgical processing capability. Characteristics, has been widely used in PWR nuclear power plant on the evaporator tube.
Inconel 690 alloy similar material are:UNS N06690
Inconel 690 alloy chief application:
Inconel 690 alloy is mainly used for the material of nuclear power plant steam generator tubes in pressurized water reactor.

Inconel 690 alloy steel

Chemical Composition, % of Inconel 690 alloy steel

Ni Cr Fe C Al Ti Mn Si Cu P S
Balance 30.39 8.88 0.023 0.22 0.26 0.23 0.07 0.02 0.006 0.002

physical property of Inconel 690 alloy steel

Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation
350MPa 700MPa 45%

Inconel 690 alloy mechanical property:
Inconel 690 density : 8.19g/cm
Inconel 690 melting point: 1343-1377 degree
Inconel 690 alloy steel Existence of main products:
Forging, bar, sheet, strip, ring, wire, bolts, spring
Inconel 690 alloy steel Mechanical Properties:
Inconel 690 has high strength over a broad range of temperatures. Mechanical properties of the alloy vary with product form and temper. Alloy 690 is normally used in the annealed temper, and strength characteristics described below are representative of annealed material. The usual annealing temperature is approximately 1900°F (1040°C).

Inconel 601 Product form and Specifications:

Pipe Seamless B167 SB167
Tube Seamless B167 SB167
Sheet/Plate B168 SB168
Ring/Bar/Rod B166 SB166
Fitting B366 SB366


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