Hastelloy B2 Nickel alloy steel material

Hastelloy B2 is a kindly of Nickel base anti-corrosion alloy with many excellent performance, good for oxidation and reduction of medium corrosion resistance ability. There are only several material has damp resistance Chlorine, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solution corrosion, Hastelloy B2 alloy is one of them.Hastelloy B2 alloy is based in servel chemical elements.
Hastelloy B2 Nickel alloy similar material are :UNS N10665, DIN W.Nr.2.4617, NS322, NiMo28
Hastelloy B2 Nickel alloy application :
Alloy Hastelloy B2 is widely used in the field of energy production and pollution control, chemical, petrochemical, especially in the sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid industry.

Hastelloy B2 Nickel alloy steel material
Hastelloy B2 Nickel alloy chemical composition :

Ni Cr Fe C Mn Si Cu Mo Co P S
Min balance 1.6 20.6
Max 1.0 2.0 0.01 1.0 0.08 0.5 30.0 1.0 0.02 0.01

Hastelloy B2 Nickel alloy Mechanical Property:

Product Form Tensile Strength MPa Yield Strength Elongation δ5 /%
Tube/pipe ≥690 ≥310 ≥40
Sheet/Plate ≥690 ≥310 ≥40
Bar/Rod ≥690 ≥310 ≥40
Strip/Coil ≥690 ≥310 ≥40

Hastelloy B2 alloy melting point : 1330-1380 ℃
Hastelloy B2 Nickel density : 9.2 g/cm3
Hastelloy B2 Product form and Specifications:

Alloy Sheet/Plate/Strip/Coil B575 SB575
Seamless alloy tube/Pipe B622 SB622
Welded alloy tube/pipe B619/B622 SB619/SB622
Ring/Bar/Rod B574 SB574
Forged product B564 SB564
Fittings/Flange B336 SB336


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