12Cr2Ni4 steel

Product : 12Cr2Ni4 nickel steel
Standard:GB/T 3077-1988

12Cr2Ni4 steel
12Cr2Ni4 steel Chemical composition :

C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Cu
0.10~0.16 0.17~0.37 0.30~0.60 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 1.25~1.65 3.25~3.65 ≤0.030

12Cr2Ni4 steel mechanical properties:
Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥1080 (110)
Yield strength σs (MPa): ≥835 (85)
Elongation δ5 (%): ≥10
Section shrinkage ψ (%): ≥50
Impact energy Akv (J): ≥71
Impact toughness αkv (J / cm & amp; sup2;): ≥88 (9)
Hardness: ≤269HB
Heat treatment and microstructure specifications:
Heat treatment specifications: quenching: the first 860 ℃, the second 780 ℃, oil cooling; tempering 200 ℃, water cooling, air cooling.
12Cr2Ni4 steel features:
High strength, good toughness, good hardenability after carburizing surface layer hardness and wear resistance are good, good cold plastic deformation when cutting is still good, but there are white spots sensitivity and temper brittleness, poor welding .
12Cr2Ni4 monel steel application :
12Cr2Ni for high-load, under variable stress work pay large carburized parts, such as by a variety of high-load gear, worm, worm shaft and other mechanical

9Cr18 high-chromium steel

Standard :GB/T 1220-1992
9Cr18 high-chromium steel is high carbon martensitic stainless steel, after quenching with high hardness, high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The steel suitable for manufacturing withstand high wear resistance, high load and plastic mold in corrosive role of the media. The steel is Levin’s steel body, easy to form uneven carbide segregation affect the die life.
9cr18 steel Chemical composition :

9Cr18 high-chromium steel

C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Mo
0.90~1.00 ≤0.80 ≤0.80 ≤0.030 ≤0.035 17.00~19.00 ≤0.60 ≤0.75

9cr18 alloy steel Mechanical Properties :

Hardness: annealing, ≤255HB; quenching and tempering, ≥55HV

Heat treatment and microstructure:
1) annealing, 800 ~ 920 ℃ slow cooling;
2) quenching, 1000 ~ 1050 ℃ oil cooling;
3) Tempering, 200 ~ 300 ℃ oil, air cooling.
Microstructure: Organizing for the martensite type.
Delivery status: generally heat treatment delivery, the treatment types specified in the contract; not indicated, by not heat treatment delivery
9cr18 Features and Scope:
Stainless steel cutting tools used for slicing and shearing machine tools, surgical blades, high wear equipment parts.

9CrSi steel

Standard :GB/T 1299-1985

9CrSi steel
9CrSi steel Chemical composition :

C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Cu
0.85~0.95 1.20~1.60 0.30~0.60 ≤0.030 ≤0.030 0.95~1.25 ≤0.25 ≤0.30

9CrSi steel Mechanical properties
Hardness: annealing, 241 ~ 197HB, indentation diameter 3.9 ~ 4.3mm; 187 ~ 229HB (manufacturing thread tools); quenching, ≥62HRC
9CrSi steel heat
Heat Treatment Specification: Sample quenching 820 ~ 860 ℃, oil cooling.
9CrSi monel steel characteristics and use :
Measuring and cutting steel, is a common low-alloy tool steel, with high hardenability and hardening, as well as higher tempering stability. Can be used in the manufacture of complex shape, deformation, high abrasion resistance, low-speed cutting tools, such as drills, thread tools, reamers, dies, taps, thread rolling board and rolling wheels.